Branding that makes a splash in the luxury yacht industry.

Polar 193 is a company based in the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. They offer luxurious tenders for yacht owners to enjoy cruising the Baliaric islands in style.

To begin the design process, we conducted extensive research into the superyacht industry and its associated brands. This research helped us identify key design elements that were synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. We then used this knowledge to develop a brand identity that would position our client as a leader in the market.

Services Rendered

- Logo Design
- Business Cards
- Branding
- Website

The brand identity we created for the company was sleek, modern, and sophisticated. We used a color palette of rich navy blue and white, which not only conveyed a sense of luxury and trust but also evoked the feeling of being out on the open ocean.

The 193 in the logo represents the gps co-ordinates to navigate from where Polar 193 originated (Barcelona) to the Baliaric islands. With this in mind we designed a logo that featured a compass navigation indicator as the letter A, which represented the company's ties to the yachting industry.

For the buisness cards we wanted to capture the luxurious and sophisticated nature of the business. The company's logo was prominently displayed on one side on a navy blue background, while the other side featured the essential contact information and the numbers 193 printed as a Spot UV for an extra special finish. The end result was a professional and elegant business card that effectively showcased the company's brand and services.

We built Polar 193 a website that reflected the luxurious and exclusive nature of this industry. The design is sleek and modern, with a color scheme of navy blue and white which emphasizes elegance and sophistication. The homepage features large, high-quality images of the tenders, highlighting their beauty and advanced features.

The site is user-friendly and informative, providing easy navigation for customers to browse through the fleet and select the perfect tender for their needs. Overall, we're thrilled with the end result and believe it accurately reflects the high-end services and products offered by our client in the luxury yacht industry.