Our journal showcases our small projects or creative experiments that fuel our design inspiration.

Silke Smooth Chocolates

We're proud of these beautifuly illustrated cards we designed for our Belgium chocolate making friends at Silke Smooth Chocolates

Nukkleus Logo Animation

Recently we got to create this cool logo loop for Nukkleus. We were really happy with how seamless this animation turned out.

Christmas 2021

That's a wrap from us after another great year at The Green Room Design Studio, we're taking a break to go skiing in Italy. Thank's to all the support from our great clients, friends and family. Merry Christmas everyone.

Bad Boy Tattoos

We created a custom, hand-drawn typography based logo design for Bad Boy Tattoos to be used across various marketing assets and apparel.

Secura Course

We absolutely loved doing this little animation project for Secura Course. It was so fun to imagine all the things we could do with their logo. Looking forward to seeing this active on their platform.

Frame By Frame

Here is a throwback to when we had a little more spare time to create fun things like this!

Chantal De Menezes

With the dominance of online marketing these days, buisness card projects are becoming less common. So when CDM asked to add a new business card to her marketing arsenal we were more than excited to jump on board. Simplicity was the key focus to maintain a modern, stylish, and sophisticated design.

Wool and Hook Logo

We designed this logo for a company that sold yarn and knitting products, unfortunately they had to close shop this year but we were greatfull for the opportunity to create a fun type based identity.

The Green Room Barcelona

Setting up a studio base in Barcelona has been a great experience so far and has inspired us to create some of our best work. The artists here have been pushing the realms of creativity from the architecture to street art and design.

Logo Design

We've designed our fair share of logos over the years, heres a random collection of logos from our early days at The Green Room


Thanks to our friends at 55 knots marketing we had the chance to create this fun little animation for the travel booking agency Rezdy. We chose to use a bouncy and fun animation style to match Rezdy's brand and style.