A unique logo design for a bespoke carpentry business

The logo brief for this boutique carpentry business project aimed to create a brand identity that represented the company's core values, strengths and ocean connection.

The brief called for a logo that was simple, modern, and sophisticated, while still evoking the company's focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail. The client also wanted a design that incorporated elements of natural wood and textures, to reflect the company's dedication to quality woodworking.

Services Rendered

- Logo Design
- Branding
Carpentry Logo Design

Nemo Carpentry, nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Byron Bay, inspired us to craft a distinctive logo that embodies the essence of both the sea and the artistry of woodworking. We ingeniously harnessed the negative space within the 'M' of the logo, ingeniously blending elements reminiscent of ocean waves and finely textured timber grain, eloquently demonstrating the brand's dedication to woodworking.

Drawing inspiration from Nemo's mastery of Japanese joinery techniques, celebrated as among the finest in the world, we infused a touch of Japanese aesthetics into the logo's completion. In its entirety, this design showcases a sleek and minimalist font, ensuring legibility while exuding a contemporary and high-end feel.

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