Unveiling M3H's
Brand Identity

M3H, hailing from Montreal, Canada, stands as a distinguished commercial and residential construction company. Specializing in crafting quality construction and renovation projects within the Montreal area, they excel in innovative design, precise engineering, and seamless development.

After researching M3H's target audience and competitive landscape, we forged a daring and unique branding approach, crafting a robust and cohesive brand image that sets the company apart from the rest.

Services Rendered

- Logo Design
- Business Cards
- Branding

The logo we designed for M3H embodies a bold and distinctive look, strategically incorporating the number three to evoke the image of a numerical measurement gracefully moving into view, symbolizing the accuracy and precision that underpins M3H as a company. The modern sans serif letterforms adds strength and solidity to the overall design, perfectly aligning with M3H's vision and values.

Careful consideration went into selecting colors that would make a powerful impact. Orange, the primary accent color, represents energy and innovation. Brown/gold symbolizes stability and reliability. Light grey, ensures a balanced and neutral color palette that enhances the brand's overall appeal. Together, these elements create a memorable brand image.

To ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the branding, we created mockups across various touchpoints, including business cards, mobile website design, and apparel. The mockups served as a visual representation of the brand identity in real-world scenarios. Through this testing process, we fine-tuned the branding elements, guaranteeing that M3H's brand system was recognizable, and consistent.