Revitalizing a pharmacies brand image

Our design studio recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Farmacia M.Blasco, a beloved family-owned pharmacy located in Barcelona. With the goal of updating their image while staying true to their warm and welcoming reputation, we carefully studied their original logo and drew inspiration from its classic elements. We then created a refreshed brand identity, complete with a modern color scheme and typography that simultaneously paid homage to their history.

Through updated illustrations, a revised logo, and new marketing materials, we were able to maintain the pharmacy's wholesome and customer-oriented essence while appealing to a broader audience. The response from both loyal customers and new clientele has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are honored to have worked with such a cherished establishment.

Services Rendered


-Business cards


Farmacia M. Blasco is widely recognized as a friendly, dependable, and trustworthy company, and we have ensured that these attributes are reflected in our logo design. Our logo mark prominently features the cross, which is a legal requirement for Spanish pharmacies, but we have gone beyond this by combining the cross with a medical pill symbol and the iconic flower design of Barcelona, resulting in a well-balanced and striking visual identity. The soft and classic style of typography was chosen for the logo as it conveys a sense of elegance and timelessness that aligns with the trust and reliability that Farmacia M. Blasco is known for.





Off white

Apart from the logo design, we also created a set of supporting illustrations that can be used on various merchandise to promote the Farmacia M. Blasco brand. Additionally, we designed a set of professional-looking business cards that incorporate logo and company information. We refreshed the brand's color palette, choosing hues that align with legal pharmacutical standards in Spain, yet are also vibrant and visually appealing to give the brand a fresh and modern look. Overall, these efforts have helped the Farmacia M. Blasco brand stand out and effectively communicate its values to customers.