Explainer video for E-Moped, a premier e-scooter rental app in Brisbane

The animation we created for E-moped is a promotional video that showcases the benefits of renting an electric scooter rented from their company and clearly shows users how to use their app.

The video begins with a shot of a busy city street, with cars rushing by. Suddenly, a rider on an E-moped scooter zooms past, driving effortlessly through traffic. The video then cuts to a series of scenes featuring showing how riders can use E-moped scooters to navigate the city, highlighting the convenience, speed, and eco-friendliness of electric scooter rentals.

Throughout the video, we use animated graphics to showcase the unique features of E-moped scooters and their app to reassure potential customers that they can ride with confidence.

Services Rendered

- Illustration
- Animation

Style Frames

explainer video animator
animated explainer video2d style frames
Style Frame for animationStyle Frame Designer
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