A practical and impactful animation project for Health NSW

We collaborated with our friends at Palms & Pines to design engaging style frames and relatable characters that highlight the key points and provide best practices for family social workers to ensure they maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation while working with troubled families.

The animation starts by introducing the topic and presenting a real-life scenario where documentation plays a critical role in helping their family and helps protect vulnerable children. It then went on to explain how incomplete or inaccurate documentation could have severe consequences.

Overall, the animation was an effective tool to educate social workers on the importance of documentation and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to handle family cases with confidence.

Services Rendered

- Illustration
- Story Boarding


Creative Director: Ben Griffiths
Project management: Helena Knezevic
Producer: Olga Kuzovina
Design: Jade Elliott
Animation/Edit/SFX: Fredrik Persson-Pines and Palms
Client: NSW Ministry of Health

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