A brand upgrade for a fermented food company.

Byron Fermentary is a health food company that makes handmade, live, and delicious fermented food products in northern NSW.

Our goal was to create a fresh look that would reflect the company's commitment to health and sustainability while helping them shift their business from a small local farmers market brand to a larger one that would look great in health food supermarkets across Australia.

Services Rendered

- Logo re-design
- Branding
- Packaging

The logo we created for Byron Fermentary features a mandella illustration, which was a feature from the client's previous brand, and we combined this with some custom made typography that reflects the company's commitment to organic, holistic fresh foods. Overall, we feel the new logo perfectly captures the spirit of the company and will undoubtedly help them stand out as a premium product amongst their competitors.

We wanted to create packaging that would reflect Byron Fermentaries dedication to sustainability and organic practices while also conveying the freshness and beauty of her products. We opted for white labels that worked as a sealing safety strip for the jars while also clearly showing the product running down the strip and the company name at the base.

Byron Fermentary's jars are packed full of beautiful colours and ingredients, so when it came to designing the labels, we focused on creating a minimal label design that allowed the interior of the jars to be on display.

On the back of the products we have a square label that clearly shows nutritional information and usage instructions. We are thrilled with the final outcome, which we believe will not only enhance the company's brand image but also help to increase consumer awareness and interest in their fantastic range of fermented foods.

Brand Colours

Finally, for choosing the brand color palette, we selected a range that reflects the brand's commitment to natural and wholesome ingredients. We opted for shades of earthy greens, greys, and a lively orange accent colour, all inspired by the colors found in the garden and their products. These colors not only convey the brand's values but also complement the visual aesthetics of the products themselves. The result is a cohesive and visually appealing design that conveys a message of healthy and sustainable living.