Branding for a high-end construction firm

Arenor is a commercial and residential construction company from Quebec, Canada. They design, engineer and develop luxury construction and renovation projects in the Montreal area.

After researching the company's needs, we developed branding that was bold and distinctive. The end result was a comprehensive effort to create a strong and consistent brand image and online presence that would help the company stand out in a crowded market.

Services Rendered

- Logo Design
- Business Cards
- Branding
- Website

The logo for Arenor features a unique symbol that was inspired by the company's focus on both residential and commercial markets. The typeface we created is clean and minimalist, conveying a sense of sophistication and professionalism. Details can be found within the typography where we aimed to represent angles found within the building process by including both curved and sharp edges.

For the business card, we opted for a clean and simple design that features the logo mark prominently on a dark background. The back of the card includes the company's contact information in a minimalist font. The use of white space creates a sense of luxury and sophistication, while the simplicity of the design reinforces the company's commitment to quality.

The color scheme is a combination of muted blues and dark blues, which are both calming and refreshing, conveying a sense of reliability and forward-thinking. Overall, the colours we chose is a representation of the company's values and aesthetic.

Once we developed our concept we knew that testing and experimentation was necessary to ensure that the final product accurately represented the company's values and dentity. To do this, we created several different mockups of the logo to see how the logo and colours would translate across company uniforms and other potential branding assets.

Later the mockups were presented to the client and noted their preferences and suggestions for improvement. Through this iterative process, we were able to refine the logo design and create a final version that accurately captured the essence of the company.

We built Arenor a website that showcases the company's expertise in construction, architecture, and design. It features stunning visuals of their past projects, including luxury homes and commercial buildings. The website also includes details key descriptions of their services, and contact information.

We focused on creating a user-friendly experience with easy navigation, responsive design, and fast load times. Overall, the website we built for Arenor reflects their commitment to quality and attention to detail, while also providing a seamless digital platform for their clients and potential customers.