Creating an intuitive online porfolio for a business researcher

Alejandra Blasco is a business designer and researcher who tasked us with designing her the perfect portfolio.

The brief for the website we built called for a platform that would serve as space for valuable insights into her profile and projects. The website needed to be designed with the user in mind, incorporating intuitive navigation and smooth animations. Additionally, the website needed to showcase the expertise of Alejandra Blasco, highlighting her unique approach to creating user-centered solutions.

Services Rendered

- Website design
- Branding

We built Alejandra a comprehensive website that seamlessly integrates design with her portfolio and business strategies to create cohesive digital experiences. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the website offers valuable insights and resources for designing and implementing effective user experiences that align with business objectives. Additionally, the website boasts a smooth user experience, enhanced by seamless animations that guide users through the content and bring the pages and projects to life.

The website highlights a range of topics, from user research to business modeling and market analysis, providing professionals with the tools and knowledge of how Alejandra works to develop products that not only meet user needs but also drive business growth. The website's interactive features, including case studies and real-world examples, make it a valuable tool to help Alejandra present her skills and portfolio.